Jazz festival Koprivnica

Fest jazza Koprivnica 2016.


Fest jazza (meaning- a lot of jazz) came to Koprivnica on July 8th and July 9th 2016. Team Vrhovski was playing music of online communication on different festival’s channels such as- Facebook, Instagram and singing online advertising.

The main goal was to get more visitors than the previous year at the biggest open- air jazz festival in north- western Croatia.

Two days of very rich international festival program brought to Koprivnica nine extraordinary jazz bands from eight countries (Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Austria). They brought their fiery jazz vibe and the audience loved it!



Find all the latest news on Fest jazza 2017 on www.festjazza.com.

We believe to be in touch during third Fest jazza’ s warm summer nights.