Ivan Vrhovski

I graduated marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb. After organizing events and completing integrated projects for the PR agency Komunikacijski laboratorij, digital marketing got my attention. Most of my time is spent on studying the competition and customers through Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, and also on creating more efficient communication campaigns. Rest of my time is spent on creating copyright projects for the company.

I love creating

To feel good, you simply have to create. Whether it’s to develop online campaigns, web sites, writing, cooking, repairing old furniture, all of this boosts your creativity.

I love to analyse

Everything needs to have a reason, or at least I think. This is why digital tools for data analyses make me so happy.

I love music

Every productive workday starts with music and coffee. They enhance my abilities to create communication campaigns. Music is dynamic and it moves us. When I’m not working, singing and playing guitar is my favourite pastime to enjoy old and new music, the energy and the moves.

I love all things beautiful

We love symmetry, and people with symmetric features are more attractive to us. The same goes for brands- visually elegant brand is more valuable.

Love talented individuals

For a project to succeed, it takes a lot of effort from the entire team. Anyway, without the extreme talent, even the hardest efforts will result in mediocrity. Talents are rare and should be appreciated.

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