Robin retail stores

Robin Ltd. is a small family business from Križevci founded in 2000, with a little longer tradition in trading business since 1988.

Dergez bakery and retail stores

Dergez bakery was founded in Podravske Sesvete and has been growing on people from Podravina since 1997.

Silver for you jewelry

Silver for you, silverware that’s been shining on the market for 8 years now. You can buy it in each of the 25 retail locations in entire Croatia.

READY, STEADY, GO research

Our research „Mladi i poduzetništvo u Koprivničko-križevačkoj županiji“for the project Ready, Steady, Go included 262 participants, ages between 17 and 29.

LUCERA trainings

We held two series of lectures (each during 5 days) where we tried to educate new and potential entrepreneurs. It took place in Hrastovsko near Ludbreg in Centar za razvoj poduzetništva Ludbreg.

Hotel Navis Orašje

Hotel Navis Orašje could possibly to be one of the finest hotels on river Sava. Contemporary decorated boutique hotel which by its interior and exterior design irresistibly resembles a ship (lat. Navis= ship). It’s expected to become the centre of Posavina’s touristic offer.

City Center IN

In the second half of 2016 we ran the marketing of City Centar IN Orašje. In the feel-good shopping center with fair prices and exquisite interior and exterior design you can find local, regional and international brands