Mate Milas

I am a Master of Economics from trade department of the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. Currently, I'm expanding my knowledge on the marketing area through series of operational tasks in fields of creating contents, communications, advertising, and executing account tasks. Mostly, I’m interested in retail, on-line trade, developing business processes and circular economics.

I love creating

Without creating anything new, the world around us would soon get boring and drab. There are all kinds of changes constantly around us but it’s up to us to encourage them to be good and positive.

I love to learn

You need to invest as much time as possible into perfecting your skills and collecting precious experience.


I love leadership
Without the leader there is no progress and innovations. Individuals with great ideas who constantly inspire people around them and bring positive energy into projects are closer to achieving goals that can positively impact lots of people.

I love sports
Healthy mind in a healthy body! I’ve been a sports enthusiast my whole life. It’s a great tool for strengthening your mind; it helps in building character and acquiring good habits.

I love life
Each of us have a specific set of skills and a specific personality! We’re so similar yet so very different. By spreading our diversities, we share a part of ourselves and it makes up the lives of others.

Communication skills63%


Digital marketing35%