New website www.dergez.hr

Dergezovi pekarski majstori

After three months of collaboration, Dergez and Vrhovski team launched a new website, www.dergez.hr.

We payed special attention to visual details and style of language so you can feel the love of Dergez bakers towards river Drava and Dravski bread, dedication of workers who hand-make the best cakes and pastry in Podravina, and ever- lasting smiles of workers in Dergez  retail stores who make sure that you can always find what you need in your local Dergez store at just the right prices.

On website you will soon be able to keep track of monthly and weekly specials and see any novelty.

We hope you like photos of Dergez bakery products and sweet and you would rather just eat them up than look at them on screen.


So, we send you a digital Dergez donut. Marmelade or chocolate? We aren’t fussy so we’ll just take the one you leave. Oh… and both are delicious.

Besides website, follow Dergez daily on our Facebook fan page and Instagram.