First City Center IN classroom

City classroom

In September, there was a classroom organized in City Centar IN Orašje. You could take your children and together with them learn about creativity, healthy eating, sports, and ecology in a fun and relaxed way with very interesting local guest teachers.

On September 1st and September 2nd, children could develop creativity through travel stories and by visiting Africa, India and other distant places. On September 2nd, there was a music and photography course available.

Teacher Eva Šarić was in charge of healthy eating classes. Friday, September 9th was reserved for a chef from one of the restaurants in City Centar IN Orašje who told us how to prepare fast, healthy and delicious snacks.

Weekend after that, children exercised with fitness coach, celebrities and sportspeople, while environmental classes took place during last weekend of City classroom.

After the classes, children were able to express themselves creatively to show what they learned in playground area on Centre’s first floor.



September 1st 2016: Travel with us to Africa and India; teachers Magdalena Mišković, Joso Živković, and Katarina Baotić

September 2nd 2016: Find the creativity inside you with music, film and photography; teachers Magdalena Mišković, Marija Nedić and Siniša Zlatarević


September 8th 2016: Healthy and delicious – it’s possible! Teacher Eva Šarić

September 9th 2016: City’s advice for healthy and delicious; teacher Ljubica Porobić, head chef at Pizzeria Toscana


September 15th 2016: Recreation for children and adults, or how to exercise properly; teacher Tomislav Marković, fitness trainer

September 16th 2016: Football day; teachers Ružica Mikić, Mateja Mikić, Tamara Benković and Mato Neretljak

September 17th 2016: Children’s sports event


September 22nd 2016: Nature parks- our treasure; teacher Ivan Madžar

September 23rd 2016: How to preserve the environment? Teacher Zlatko Nedić


50 students between ages five and twelve attended the first City classroom.